JScorch is an open source effort to bring the classic tank battle game to modern computers using Java. More information on the project is here, while the latest screenshots show some of the progress in the game.

To get the latest Java archive of JScorch, go here (requires a fairly recent JRE).

The latest news: 4 September 2002, 06:24
Java Hacker Andy Here!

We've got a new release of JScorch up and running, and it's one to make you all drool!
Find it right here and have a blast, or two!

Here's what has been changed or added:
  • New Tank graphics
  • Animated shield graphics
  • New explosions
  • New weapons
  • Collisions with stuff
  • A new nifty sidebar to control your tank
  • Plus a menubar to let you change some preferences!
Everyone needs to be sure and check this release out as it's a winner!
I'm already hard at work on the next release, and here are some things to look forward too...
  • Fading Explosions
  • Clearing of land with explosions
  • Falling land and tanks
  • New Dirt based weapons
  • Maybe even some speed improvements for those on slower machines (Time to upgrade?)
Well that ought to keep everyone busy for a while, so check it out!

And as always, even though I am a Mad Fiend Java Hacker, some bugs to pop up from time to time. Be sure to use the project bug tracker at the SourceForge project page to help us out by reporting those pesky bugs. THANKS!

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